Wtorek z UltraSamoukiem – Bezpieczny Wtorek

Dziś pozwalam sobie przedstawić dłużej:


English translation:

Today I allow myself to introduce a longer introduction:

  • Intensive campaign impersonating Blik. They use SMS spoofing and steal access to bank accounts – Sekurak, I recommend reading about (telephone) spoofing on Niebezpiecznik
  • 470 Android apps were robbing users. Over 100 million victims – Instalki.pl
  • Harold, strange Mister from Stock, in a campaign that entertains and educates – Android.com.pl


  • Do you want to increase the security of using iPhone / MacOS? Worried about potential buggy privacy settings that you have accidentally activated? Check out this guide – Sekurak
  • Blockverse was supposed to be a Minecraft success. It turned out to be a $ 1 million scam with the NFT in the background – WhatNext
  • Panoptykon 4.0 (Panoptykon.org podcast): Personal Data Protection Day – did the GDPR pass the exam? – Panopticon
  • Taking care of Poles’ personal data ends at the checkout at Biedronka – Chip
  • We are monitored in our own homes – Tech.WP
  • Another victim of spoofing – they called from his wife’s number. But… his wife was there for him. They recorded the conversation – Sekurak

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