Środa z UltraSamoukiem – Z Polski

Wiadomości, które na stronie Facebook przedstawiam dłużej:


English version:

Messages that I present on the Facebook page for longer:

  • At the age of 70, they founded a startup – Dr. Maciej Kawecki
  • Jan Czochralski – thanks to him we have smartphones and computers – Geekweek
  • The Polish company will provide satellites to the Sultanate of Oman – Android.com.pl


  • Poles awarded in the Huawei Next Image 2021 photo competition – Instalki
  • IT Talents Profile – the first IT competence test in Poland – ITWiz
  • Epic Games takes over the Polish, unusual, game development studio – AntyWeb
  • Poland spends 1.39 percent on innovation. GDP – ComputerWorld
  • Polish GOODRAM has ambitious plans – nobody expected such an investment – Benchmark

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