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Today I allow myself to introduce:

  • This Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick Lights Up When Used To Board The Metro In Taiwan – GeekCulture: How To Open The Metro Gate With Sailor Moon’s Wand?
  • Do you see faces in random objects? Pareidolia has a surprising element – Chip: is it to a psychiatrist because I can see faces?
  • She looked at the spam in her inbox. She became a millionaire – DobreProgramy: news about winning with a warning


  • How do girls make money on Twitch? Well – while learning – Antyweb
  • In February we will have as many as 10 date palindromes. Why this fascination with numbers that mean nothing? – SpidersWeb
  • Young patients of the hospital in Gliwice enter the operating theater with an electric car – Instalki
  • Powerbank with a capacity of 27 million mAh – an unusual project from China – KomputerŚwiat
  • Cats’ brains shrink. Scientists say it’s because of the people – Gadgetomania

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