Środa z UltraSamoukiem – #zPolski

Dziś na Facebooku przedstawiam dłużej następujące wiadomości:


English version:

The Pole has created a program that allows to detect the sources of fake news on the web – Android.com.pl, article in Software X here

The Lumière brothers were not the first. They were overtaken by a 19-year-old Pole, Kazimierz Prószyński – WPTech

The Polish start-up conquers gas stations. An extraordinary idea makes sense – Instalki


The Pole provides prostheses to mutilated dogs. Prints them in 3D – WhatNext

There has never been such a tunnel in Poland. The gigantic crossing under the Oder river will be 5 km long – SpidersWeb

The algorithm will not let you fall asleep at the wheel. How does he know when to warn us? – KomputerŚwiat, my note with links to FATIK here

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